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How long is shipping?

Shipping time is more or less a month to 45 days. It takes about a week to process your order and 4- weeks to ship. There are some things out of our control, such as delays in port, loading, etc. So order only if you have the time to wait for your orders to arrive. As much as we'd like to move heaven and earth for your items to arrive faster, it is really out of our hands!


Shipping via air courier is also available and we will let you know how much the charges are should you choose this option.


In addition, we will let you know the schedule of ordering when you place your order. We collate indent orders most of the time.


How do we know about the price?

You can email us to inquire about the price and just like ordering at say, Amazon for example, we will quote for you the cost of the item inclusive of the shipping fee. This is already the landed cost so no need to worry about extra charges when it arrives here. 

What if the item that arrived is not what I expected?

We try to minimize this by answering all of your questions (size, weight, color, etc) before you place your order.


What about payment?

We do require a 50% down payment on all indent orders, and 50% balance upon delivery or pick-up of the item. We do charge a minimal fee for delivery, or you may also opt to pick up in Makati or Alabang.


What if I change my mind?

Generally all indent orders are final sales. However we're pretty reasonable people, so this will be decided on a case-to-case basis.


But, should you have approved a sample prior to ordering, then we can no longer entertain requests for cancellation.



Indent Order Process


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