White Enamel Cast Iron Sink


33" x 22"

Made from cast iron, with a thick enamel finish that is resistant to dent and scratches. This 33" sink offers plenty of room to rinse and soak dishes, while its single-bowl design keeps silverware, pots, and pans in one central location.

The enamel coating is baked on top of the iron base, and a result you get a hard, durable coating that protects the cast iron and gives the sink a smooth glossy surface. We also have the underside of our sinks painted black to avoid any potential cause of rust. 

Like any white sink it requires some maintenance, here are some tips to maintain it:

- Clean the sink with non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid using steel wool, wire brushes and abrasive sponge pads.

- Do not leave any heavy pots or pans to dry inside the sink to avoid creating marks.

- Avoid leaving anything that would potentially stain the sink such as tea bags or coffee.

Actual Sink
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