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Farmhouse Sinks

Our stainless steel Farmhouse Sinks are made with guage

16 & 18 steel. Available in 30, 33 and 36 inches.

One set includes:

1 sink

1 Basket style drainer

1 Sink grid

1 set of pipe fittings

24 inch: P15,900

30 inch: P16,400

33 inch: P17,100

36 inch: P17,900

Duble sink.jpg

The Double Bowl


Our farmhouse sink now comes in a double bowl design. 33", comes with the grid and pipes. 


Workstation sink.jpg

Workstation sinks

A real workhorse for your kitchen! Our very first flat apron sink is a workstation suited for various kitchen needs.

30 inch: P18,900

Accessories include:

Chopping board


Roll-up mat


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