Barn Door Slabs

Here's how to pick your wooden door slab:

1. Choose your design (if your door design is different from the options here, you have to contact us for a quote).

2. Choose your wood: Gmelina for light colored wood, Mahogany for regular wood, Reclaimed wood.

3. Please email us at your finished size & complete delivery address so we can send a quote.

We only sell smooth, unpainted door slabs. ​

Please note that for very large doors, (1.0 m and up) we recommend hollow doors to manage the weight.

For glass door slabs:

1. Please send us the finished size of the slab. We only use 10 mm tempered glass. The maximum width is 95 mm. 

Solid Mahogany Slab
.60 &.70 x 2.10 m P7,350
.80 & .90 x 2.10 m P8,700
1.00 x 2.10 m P9,800
1 meter up we recommend hollow doors. Please contact us to inquire.
Reclaimed Wood Slab
Temporarily Not Available
Please note that due to the nature of this kind of wood, you will not be able to choose the color or the look of the wood. Also, since these are used, please allow for some minor gaps and imperfections.
.80 & .90 x 2.10 m P12,800
Glass barn door
10 mm thickness
Tempered glass
P18,500 with delivery & installation of the glass.
Price is for the glass only.
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British Brace
Double X-Brace
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